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We are pleased to announce the birth of our new goat family member George. The proud parents Gaby and Tomé are excited as all other members of the Sitio IpeTajy family, especially the Kid’s camp visitors who welcomed George with enthusiasm and adoration. (Pic)

Sitio IpeTajy has three new dog family members who were found on the road nearly dead  deplorable condition. The three rescue dogs are a mother and her two puppies who named as Bella, Sapeca and Barbiñha. The children had an opportunity to practice compassion and loving kindness by caring for the sick and frightened animals.(pic)

The Sitio now has chickens and the first batch of baby chicks were welcomed thanks to the invigorating activities of Chico the Rooster. Mumu, the resident cow, had a baby calf and the Sitio IpeTajy Kids will have a competition for the proper name. All suggestions are welcome!


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