A Journey from Tears to Laughter

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Kids Camp Program

The Brazilian economy is now contracting and we anticipate an increase in hardship for families and children. This certainly will result in escalate of abused and abandoned children. We intend to strengthen our efforts to welcome new kids to our future Community Center facility.

We had 3 Kids camps in spring with an attendance of over 30 children. Unfortunately, we had severe weather conditions that forced us to cancel additional programs. We hope to construct a community center hall soon that will permit us to be weather independent. This will allow us to conduct indoor programs even if the weather is in a foul mood. Your help to construct this community center is very much appreciated. Inflation is now very high in Brazil and we need to get this building started as soon as possible. Please visit our site at for further information.

Our kid’s camp had great new program features including animal (horses, dogs & goats) bonding, planting and harvesting in our organic garden, arts and crafts classes including the art of weaving mandalas.(pic)

The kids especially loved the nature hikes such as identifying animal sounds and the explanation and quiz about plants and animals. We always close with a silent calming of the mind meditation or singing that helps the kids to focus and appreciate the surroundings. 

Our budget is limited this year but we still managed to provide transportation and light snack lunches for these needy children. Our friend Beto, a big supporter of our Kids camp from the beginning, known as the local ‘Copacabana ice-cream man’ is always greeted with cheers and enthusiasm. ( pic)

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