Sitio IpeTajy partners with C.A.R. for spring water protection project

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The climate is changing all over the world including Brazil. Water has become a precious resource and some parts of Brazil have also been drought stricken. The Ministry of Environment  has created ‘CAR’ (Rural Environmental Registry) to developed a water source  program to protect spring water in the Sierra de Paulista.
C.A.R. has partnered with Sitio IpeTajy on a pilot program to start this conservation effort. Sitio IpeTajy has been selected as the ‘First Educational Partner’ for this important program and this partnership perfectly meets our vision of environmental sustainability and enriches the educational value for every visitor of  Sitio IpeTajy. We are receiving assistance from the local university ‘UNIFEOB’ Biology faculty students who will receive credit units for their work on the land. We will give further updates in the development of this visionary project.

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