MOL Programs

Our programs, IpeTajy Project , Unleashed Love, and Nature Hikes & Bike, are a reflection of this philosophy. Our goal is to promote and cultivate positive thoughts and actions .

This philosophy applies to everyone. From the very young to the very old, of every race, nationality and religion. 

The foundation of our philosophy is based on four sublime states of well being



Sympathetic Joy/Goodness and well being of ourselves and others

Equanimity/Calmness, Serenity

The Messengers of Light believes that the antidotes to mental and physical suffering can be achieved through these states of well being.

To establish a ‘NATURE FOCUSED’ children day center that foster a loving atmosphere of caring and sharing that will encourage children to grow emotionally, socially and spiritually. This work is done in close co-operation with regional homeless shelters and orphanages.

Unleashed LoveThis unique program supports the adoption of dogs from shelters and trains them to become Therapy Dogs. 

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IpeTajy Project Established to help address the critical situation of the orphaned children of Brazil. The project was formed to improve the lives and support the needs of abandoned children and pregnant girls living on the streets. 

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Nature Hikes/Bike – Inner City kids are given the opportunity to be one with nature through means of hiking, biking and through photography.

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