International Children Outreach

OUR CHALLENGES: IpeTajy Project (Sponsored by The Messengers of Light) was organized in response to the critical situation of abandoned street children in Brazil. The leading causes for displaced children are poverty, domestic violence and drug abuse by parents or guardians. According to the Brazilian Center for Children and Adolescents, Brazil has more than 800,000 child prostitutes. Drugs also run rampant among the children, who sniff glue to escape reality. The goal of the projects is to improve the lives and support the needs of children. 

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Our philosophy is based on the individuality of each child.  Our program reflects the belief in each child’s unique needs.  We provide developmentally appropriate activities for all children in areas of Cognitive, Socialization and Self-help skills. We offer a balanced variety of teacher-directed activities and child-centered discovery activities; and quiet and active times, within the context of a stable routine, which promotes each child’s sense of security.


We appreciate your support of this international outreach program either by volunteering or direct donations.