Unleashed Love

The Messenger of Light has created “Unleashed Love”, a program that supports the rescue and adoption of dogs from shelters that would otherwise have been euthanized. As a part of this program these dogs are professionally trained to become Certified Therapy Dogs.

These dogs will provide affection and comfort to the sick in hospitals, the elder in nursing/retirement homes.

These dogs do not differentiate between the young, old, sick, healthy, rich or poor. They just give unconditional love. Therapy dogs have the potential to help lower the heart rates, reduce blood pressure and they have been known to calm autistic children. 

We need your support to help fund this program. We welcome donations to The Messengers of Light. We also offer volunteer positions as we do not accept money for visitation to any program facilities.



Christa meets Tajy Smiley

June, 2011

“I was physically and mentally overwhelmed after my husband passed on two years ago.  Then I meet Tajy Smiley, a Miniboz that was recently rescued from the street. My life changed, I left the void behind me when I touched, held and cuddled Tajy. I am grateful for the time I have with her. I have improved both physically and mentally, because Tajy gives me Unleashed Love!
Thanks, Christa”