Sitio Ipetajy Kids Camp Gallery

The children were encouraged to share their thoughts about how to take care of nature and also how to care for oneself and others. They had contact with farm animals such as horses, cow, goats and doggies. 

Unleashed Puppy Love

The Messenger of Light has created “Unleashed Love”, a program that supports the rescue and adoption of dogs from shelters that would otherwise have been euthanized. As a part of this program these dogs are professionally trained to become Certified Therapy Dogs. These dogs will provide affection and comfort to the sick in hospitals, the elder […]

Sitio IpeTajy partners with C.A.R. for spring water protection project

The climate is changing all over the world including Brazil. Water has become a precious resource and some parts of Brazil have also been drought stricken. The Ministry of Environment  has created ‘CAR’ (Rural Environmental Registry) to developed a water source  program to protect spring water in the Sierra de Paulista. C.A.R. has partnered with […]

Animal Sanctuary News

We are pleased to announce the birth of our new goat family member George. The proud parents Gaby and Tomé are excited as all other members of the Sitio IpeTajy family, especially the Kid’s camp visitors who welcomed George with enthusiasm and adoration. (Pic) Sitio IpeTajy has three new dog family members who were found […]

Organic Garden Project

The Organic Garden Project is one of the cornerstones of Sitio IpeTajy’s educational programs. Here, the children learn the importance of gardening, planting and proper nutrition. They also learn new skills that will help them in the future. We built a second green house shelter for the new planting season. The plant shelter received a […]

A Journey from Tears to Laughter

Kids Camp Program The Brazilian economy is now contracting and we anticipate an increase in hardship for families and children. This certainly will result in escalate of abused and abandoned children. We intend to strengthen our efforts to welcome new kids to our future Community Center facility. We had 3 Kids camps in spring with […]

The 6 Months Transformation Course of Healing and Empowerment

That is correct: we created 4 Modules 13 classes 202 kids 69 volunteers. Here is the scoop: The statistics are the result of hard work and dedication. But we must first realize that abused and abandoned children have been traumatized by past events. A caretaker will also face a trust issue that must be overcome in the […]

Welcome to MOL

The Messengers of Light is an organization which is guided by five principles of ethical and moral decision making. Life balanced in harmony with nature Treating every living being with respect Advocating non-violence Advancing humanity with positive actions Making a difference in peoples lives The Messengers of Light believes that ethics and morality are a […]